how to turn your computer monitor into mirror

How To Turn Your Computer Monitor Into Mirror

If you have a computer that is broken, then you can still find a use for a computer screen. It turns out you can actually turn your screen into a mirror. Why let a perfectly good screen go to waste, right? You might as well turn the item into a working mirror for a cool piece of art you can stick on your wall. Or you can use it as a mirror anywhere in your house. If nothing else, it is a fun conversation starter and interesting artistic piece made from an otherwise unusable broken computer.

Manual Steps

Step 1- The first thing you need to do is remove the plastic screen over the screws. Once you have removed the screen, you will need to get a screwdriver and remove the screws on the corners of the computer. The screws are very small, so make sure you keep track of them after you remove them.

Step 2- Next, you must take the frame off. You can use your fingers so as not to scratch the screen. Run your finger along the screen slowly. You will hear a clicking sound as the frame is removed. Do the same on the all the sides to finally remove the screen gently. Try to not break the clips that hold the frame, as it can cause headaches later. There are more screws to remove. Again, keep them in order for later.

Step 3- Cut around the edge of the sticker that remains. Look out for hidden screws. When you remove this layer, you can remove said screws. You should now be able to split the screen to have six separate sheets that were behind the screen.

Step 4- Place the white frame with the white sheet on it. Then put the screen, and finally, the frame, on. You will now need to screw all the pieces back together.  You should now have a mirror.

Alternative Mirror Idea

If your computer is not broken, simply turn on your webcam and point it at yourself. Then make the window full screen.  This is essentially the same thing as a mirror and you have not wasted time, effort, or energy taking apart and reassembling a laptop screen. But if your computer is broken, have fun with the manual steps. Either way, if all the steps are followed, you end up with a mirror.

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how to turn your computer monitor into mirror
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