how to wake up feeling more energized

How to Wake Up Feeling More Energized

Have you ever woken up and immediately felt like you lacked energy? Many people do this exact thing every day. While there are many reasons this could be occurring, there are some quick-fire ways to avoid the sensation. Much of it has to do with your previous night’s preparation. However, it is also often the case that it can be just as important how you start your day.

Are You Really Getting Enough Sleep?

Sometimes we are not getting as much sleep as we assume. We may be shortly woken up during sleep, which interrupts our REM cycle. When this happens, we are often incapable of getting the rest we need. Interruptions can occur due to light or sound. Put thicker blinds on your window frame if light may be the cause. If it is sound that may be imposing upon your sleep, try utilizing earplugs. You may be surprised how quickly you feel more energized with the proper amount of sleep. It is also possible you are suffering from a condition called Sleep Apnea. Try recording yourself as you sleep (with your computer or a recorder). If you hear yourself struggling to breathe during your sleep or snoring excessively, you may want to speak with a physician about your options.

Eat For Early Morning Energy

What you eat in the morning can have as much to do with your energy level as the amount of sleep you achieved. Attempt to eat fresh fruits and vegetables in the morning. Try to eat only lean protein and carbohydrates in moderation while upping your fibrous foods. You may also be suffering from carbohydrate sensitivity. This is where blood sugar level spikes too quickly after consuming simple carbohydrates. If this is the case, you will want to either switch to complex carbohydrates, or remove them altogether. Carbohydrates are fuel for the body, and thus should not be removed completely; however, if you have a high sensitivity, it is best to receive carbohydrates in the form of vegetables and fruits.

Dehydration Factor

Many people simply do not drink enough water. When you sleep, you also become dehydrated. This is especially true for those who sleep in excess of six hours a night. Even if you do not fall into this category, try to focus on drinking more water as soon as you wake up. It may only be a lack of H2O that is keeping you from feeling the energy you crave in the mornings.

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how to wake up feeling more energized

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