Indoor Air Quality and Air Conditioning

Indoor Air Quality and Air Conditioning

Indoor Air Quality and Air Conditioning
Indoor air quality is a huge multi billion dollar industry.  There are so many different products available that it can be very confusing in deciding which product to buy. Ionizers, Ozonators, Electrostatic, HEAP Filters, Washable Filters, Pleated Filters, Fibreglass Filters, and Duct Mounted UV Lights are just a few of the products available to the general public.

l am not a professional plumber (υδραυλικός Αθήνα) and l do not know anything about air conditioning (service air condition), but l have the basic knowledge to understand what l should do.

How do you know what will work best for you and your particular needs?

Do you have:

  1. allergy problems
  2. chronic sickness
  3. odour problems
  4. constantly battling dust
  5. all of the above

Each home has a different set of problems and therefore requires a different approach.

My Home
We purchased a 27 year old home that had a musty odour in the summer months.  It was most noticeable when we came home from a 2 or 3 day trip.  The HVAC Duct system was original to the house.  The A/C units were 10 months and 8 years old.  I decided to change out the entire system.  New ductwork and two new 16 seer Trane Package units.

As a side note we changed out all the windows at the same time with high efficiency glass. Our power bill dropped over $100/month.

The odour had decreased but you could still smell it.  Especially on the extremely hot days.  I found out that 60% of the air we breathe inside the house comes from the crawl space.

I immediately had the crawl space cleaned out of the original vapour barrier and 27 years worth of garbage.  We laid new plastic and waited for the odour to go away.  It was better but not completely gone.  So my education into the indoor air quality market had been greatly enhanced.

My research had led me to Guardian Air by


The Guardian Air is a duct mounted whole house Air Treatment System.  The company guarantees satisfaction or your money back within 90 days of install.  90 days to test drive it.  The unit has a 3 year/25,000 hour life span.  The only thing I had to loose was time so I decided to try it.  It took us less than 2 hours to install two units.

The following night we had fish for dinner.  Usually the odour lingers until the following day.  Not this time.  It was completely gone before we went to bed at 10 pm.  The musty odour smell has completely disappeared.  The whole house smells clean and fresh like bed sheets just off the clothes line.

Nobody in my home has severe allergy problems so I cannot offer any testimony to its effectiveness for this problem.  The company claims the product is designed to help eliminate sick building syndrome risks by reducing odours, air pollutants, and cold and virus causing germs.

With all of the different products on the market I was as confused as you.  Which to buy?  The only thing I knew was I wanted a whole house system.  They offered a 90 day satisfaction guarantee so I went with RGF.

We have been thrilled with the performance and I am confident you will be also.  Our next research project will be a filtration system for dust and particulate.

Allergies, Dust, Sickness

My home does not have a high efficiency air system so I cannot give you my personal experience with them.  However, we have installed several filter systems from Trane and had great feedback from our customers.

Every customer that owns an air system is absolutely thrilled with the results.  They all claim they have no dust in the house!  Personally I find this hard to believe. Like they say – The Proof is In The Plumbing.

We will be including those testimonials in the near future.  I want to put one in my own home before I promote it to anyone else.

So… What’s Next

First of all I must tell you we are not Indoor Air Quality experts.  If you have a severe problem then you may want to find a company that specializes in that field.  We will be working on finding someone we can recommend.

If your problems are minor to mediocre then we can help. Call today to schedule your assessment and get started on the path to a cleaner, healthier home.

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