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Instant Ways to Kill Off the Fast Food Addiction

In the last thirty years, there has been an emphasis on noting the dangers of consistently eating in fast foods. Because of this emphasis, many now know the speed in which they receive the food often comes at the expense of nutrition. What less people know, is exactly how dangerous continuous fast food consumption can be. Not only is the food not good for you, it is directly harmful to you. What even fewer individuals know, is that the pull for fast food is little different from an addiction to drugs like cigarettes or heroin.

instant ways to kill off the fast food addictionThe reason the fast food is so detrimental to one’s health is not simply a lack of nutrition. There are preservatives at dangerously high levels in fast foods. Many fast food burgers or tacos will not spoil over time like normal foods. This is because of the amount of preservatives that are put into them. The high content of salt and saturated fat is also a severe threat to people’s health. So with all these negative facts about fast food, why are so many still heading to such foods every single day? The answer is that the food is simply addictive.

Salty, sugary, and foods high in fat actually cause one to become hungrier. The flavors also activate the pleasure center of the brain. Any time a pleasure center is overloaded, the result involves wanting more of that pleasure. Then the person is in danger of becoming addicted. On a physiological level, when fast food items are eaten, the body produces less leptin, which regulates eating behavior. It does this by helping persons know how full they are. This is part of what makes fast food addiction so dangerous. Not only do they crave the fast food more often, but also the eating of the food actually continues the addiction. It is not unlike drug addictions, which work in much the same fashion.

What is so problematic with addictions such as food addictions is that when one wishes to stop, they can go through withdrawals. The stopping of the high salt, fat, and sugar diet means that the body begins to experience symptoms. The symptoms are not unlike those noted by cigarette addicts.

So how can one avoid the addiction? Kicking the addiction instantly is not easy. Cold-turkey can be a tough sell for the body. Usually, the best way to beat an addiction is to gradually change one’s diet and increasing the workout regimen. Then one can slowly wean his or herself off of the fast food diet. It almost inevitably has to be a gradual process, when weaning one’s self from an addiction. However, you can choose to kick the habit immediately. All it takes is a strong desire, an abrupt stance against letting yourself head to fast food restaurants, and sticking to your guns. Having healthy food alternatives at the ready and feeling the positive results of proper food choices will help you through the difficult first stage. After five days of staying off the junk food, your body will naturally begin to crave the food less and less.

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