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Is It Necessary To Obey Your Boss Every Time In Order To Escalate Your Career?

Everyone wants to be successful at work. We all dream to have a promotion, get a high-paying contract, a great office, perks like car loans, house loans and medical. Some people do it with ease. Others take a tremendous amount of effort and time just so to advance. But like any other profession, advancing in your career is always at the hands of your boss – or so you think. Is this true?

Do you have to do everything your boss asks?

The fact to the matter is that you are an employee and you have a superior. Your superior will test you in many ways if you can handle the work and the pressures of work. Your superior cannot be your friend. He is your boss. He will be watching your every move. He may give you  constructive criticisms, but the fact remains – he will find whatever you are doing wrong and shove it in your face. Bosses are like that. They have to push you to the limits for one reason alone – you have to perform your responsibility with passion and all heart. If you are a motivated employee, it means that they are a great boss.

If it is for work, by all means follow your boss to the dot

You have to please your boss. This is one way of moving up from your professional level at this point. It does not mean though that you become a sucker and that you have to say nice things all the time. Be honest and be truthful about work-related matters. And of course, do what you are supposed to do in the office as requested of you. And maybe even more…

How to make your boss happy?

A happy boss is a happy you. Imagine being the boss of over ten employees and think in their shoes- it is really hard to manage 10 different personalities all at the same time. Being the boss means that they are responsible for each and everyone under them. They have to see that their employees are doing their jobs and for the right reasons too.

So, you will see why bosses are very pleased with employees who get out of their way to do things for him and for the company. This means less worry for him and naturally he would reward the employee who has done well with the right reward. Hence,  So here, I have compiled some things that can make a boss remember you as a p2oductive employee. You need to be this professional person and apply it at work.

1. Stay away from gossip mongers. The office a breeding place for backbiting and dirty career politics. If you are a good employee and you want your boss to see that, then, be sincere about it and do not join in with the stories.

2. If you are to talk about your boss to other people, be sure to say only the positive matters. You are not in the position to find faults about your boss. As much as possible, just communicate the good things and leave out topics that are not that nice unless you are forced to talk about it – example, if your boss asks you to be honest and if the boss of your boss interrogates you.

3. It is a sign of character to show up for work on time, if not earlier. Coming to work early every day will imprint a sense of ambition to your employers or bosses. They will most definitely think of you when promotion period is up because a person who comes in for work in a timely manner can be depended on.

4. If you are given a task, take it with pride and appreciation. Do not forget to thank your boss for the opportunity and tell him that you will do the work the best way you know how. Even if the work is not paying you extra, do it anyway. The point here is to have the necessary experience and this will make you grow as a person.

5. If you are unsure about what to do, ask for advice. The answer can be positive or negative. If you receive a good response from your boss, thank him for his time and do the job. If the reply was a negative (What, you do not know what to do? Are you sure you are up for this job? etc…), then, apologise to your boss for the time delay. Then add that you just want to be sure how the job is done correctly so that you will not have to pass to him a mediocre output. Bosses like to hear that and will end up teaching you how to do the job the quickest way.

6. Be resourceful and take the initiative to do work with minimal supervision. So, if you think that you can do the work without asking your boss every hour, then, do it. Find a way to finish the job correctly and according to specifications.

7. If your boss asks for your opinion, then, by all means dump it. This is not the time to be timid and keep all your great ideas. If you have things to say which will make your work easier or better, say it. If your boss is a good boss, you will be applauded for your efforts. Creativity will be valued and you will be remembered.

8. If it is necessary to stay up late to finish work, be glad that you can do it. It will be a great learning experience for you so when you become a boss yourself, you will know what to do. Show to your boss that you are a team player and if extra time out of office hours is required of you, you can very well share it to the group. The boss will like that.

What if your boss is really so horrible?

If your boss is demanding too much of you that does not pertain to work, you have the right to say NO. If you get fired because you do`not follow your boss who instructed you to do a non-work related concern, there are remedies to that. You can talk to your lawyer or write a letter to the big bosses and explain the situation. If the job is that important to you, find a way to save it if you can. Otherwise, if it is not that big of a deal, look for a company who h!s bosses that will value your inputs because there are many others out there who will do as such.

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