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Keep Being Interrupted when Making Your Point? Here is your Solution

Trying to get your point across is an often-underrated skill. Many people do not possess the skill as well as they should. Because of this, they end up being interrupted time and again until the chance to get their point across has passed. Even worse, sometimes they are committed to interjecting their point. This can cause for awkward backtracking in a conversation. When this occurs, it is uneasy for almost everyone.

Conversations have a particular flow to them. Having to move backward to adhere to someone’s whim to get a point across can be a bit painful. It is not only getting the point across when you are being interrupted. It is also establishing that you are not submissive in the conversation. Usually, the more people you have in a conversation, the harder it is to get your point across easily. There are times, however, when a one-on-one conversation can be just as difficult to work your opinion into. Keeping in mind that you cannot simply juggernaut your way into the conversation, there are a few simple tips to getting in edge-wise.

Preface Your Argument Well

Have you ever experienced a situation wherein you repeat the same introduction to your opinion over and over again? “I think that….” And 9ou are interrupted. Again, you try, “I think that…” only to be interrupted again. Sometimes this can go on ad infitium. Instead, try to preface your opinion with different wordage. For instance, you can say “While I agree I believe…” or “Now, let me make a point about that…” and so on. It is not always that the group is rudely ignoring your interjection. Sometimes it simply has to do with the fact that the words are not attention-grabbing enough. That is nobody’s fault. It is simply best if you move on and find a new way to get your opinion across.

Relate the Current Topic to Your Topic


What is  worse when trying to get your point across is that it’s often too late if you do get a chance to say what you want. After one or two tries, you are often trying to get an opinion in that has already missed its window of relevance. Trying to impose an old point on a constantly flowing conversation is not a great strategy. It rui.s the flow of the conversation for everyone and makes you look bullheaded. Nevertheless, there are still ways to make the point relevant. Try to find a way to relate it to where the conversation is going. If you were talking about a political figure and the conversation moved on to another, you invoke his/her name in relation to the topic. You can use a contrast and compare strategy. “I do agree that [name] is a quality politician. However, as mentioned earlier I believe [original person] is just as good if not better.” Here you have continued the current conversation while still giving your opinion to an early topic point. The contrast-and-compare strategy does not always have a place. Just as trying to push your point across, trying to make a comparison can sometimes be clunky. Do not attempt to force any concept that does not make sense.

If You Find Yourself Continually Interrupted

There are times when no matter how hard you try, you cannot find your voice in the conversation. This can usually occur when two or more members of the conversation are at odds. Political, religious, and social-norms conversations often head down this highly contested path. If you find yourself being generally shut out of a conversation there are a couple of options. First, you can try simply pushing your way into the conversation by taking a side. If the conversation is heated and you have something you would like to say, simply let one person know you back their opinion. This gives them an opportunity to allow you to speak in order to back their points. It gives the other side of the argument a chance to challenge your backing of the opinion. Be forewarned, this strategy is like jumping into the fray. You have to be prepared to be swept up by the conversation almost immediately when you take your stance. It is much like the social equal to jumping into a rapid river. Once you make the commitment, you have to be ready to navigate the waters without being swept under.

If There Are No Sides to Take

If you find yourself being interrupted in a conversation that has no real sides, then try politely demanding a moment to speak. The phrase “politely demand” may seem like an odd phrase;however, it is exactly what you should keep in mind. You do not want to be submissive and allow others to continually talk to you. Thus, you are attempting to demand that you have a moment to be heard. At the same time, it does no good to be obtuse or overtly rude. “Excuse me [name] but I would like to say something on that point, please,” Is a great way to let the person know that you are expecting to be heard. Using one’s name can often snap them to attention. We have all had moments in conversations where we become caught up. Dropping a name is sometimes what it takes to be jolted back to reality.

Stay Confident and You Will Be Heard

No matter what strategy you employ to be heard, you must stay confident. Those who shrug their shoulders and keep their head down usually will not be heard. The body language is submissive and people will respect it less. Keeping your head high, chin up, and shoulder taut will help you project your voice. When you can project better, others will listen more readily. Remember, confident does not mean loud and demanding. Someone with confidence can be talked over now and then. It should not bother you if you are confident you will get your point across soon.

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