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Make Your PC Run Faster For You Without Spending a Cent

Everyone experiences a slow computer at some point.No matter how fast your computer is when you first purchase it, at some point, it slows down like this snail.

It can happen for a long list of reasons. While you cannot always stop it from occurring, you can certainly make the most of your computer. Many times there are reasons you have caused to make your computer run slower. Often, you can assume that there are particular steps you can take to bring the machine’s speed back up to an acceptable level. Many people have a very short fuse when it comes to being frustrated with their computer’s performance. Remember to keep in mind that a computer can always be improved if you know the right ways to maintain it. Part of the solution will always be to avoid the actions and items that slow it down. However, there are also a handful of ways to make it run at its optimum levels.


Have you ever had a day where you decide that you need to clean up your room? Usually, it is because you are tired of tiptoeing over strewn-about clothing, paper, and discarded pieces of items. When you are doing this cleaning, it is much like a defrag process on your PC. The defrag option simply cleans up the odds and ends that are no longer of use on your hard drive. Almost every computer now comes equipped with easy access to the defrag process. Many times it is a quick process, especially if you do it on a regular basis.

Step 1:

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Registry Upkeep

It is not just your standard hard drive information that can be cleaned. Your registry is also prone to being overloaded with unused and unnecessary bits and pieces of information. You can find free registry cleaners such as CCleaner. There are also purchasable options such as Registry Fix. Either program can work to clean out all the unused registry entries that no longer serve a purpose. By cleaning out these registry entries, your computer will no longer waste time trying to run or even activate them. This is also a form of maintenance. It will not speed up your computer, per say. It will help it from being as slow as it currently is.


Spyware are malicious files that wish to monitor your keystrokes or general traffic tendencies. These files can severely slow down your computer. Sometimes, they can even be the cause of your computer crashing or freezing up. Other forms of Spyware will even use your computer as a zombie machine. This means your computer is actually being used as part of the problem, like sending out spam emails or messages. To remove these possible threats, you will need an anti-spyware software. Many anti-virus software types also have a Spyware search function. There are also software dedicated specifically to Spyware, such as Spybot Search and Destroy. Malwarebytes also works well to find hidden Spyware that can be slowing down your computer.

Free Up Disk Space

Your computer may simply be running slow because it is overburdened. Think of any time you have overloaded your backpack on a hiking trip, or put too many heavy items in your car. You and your car simply run a bit slower when this happens. It is no different for your computer. Try removing unnecessary and unneeded files. While this seems almost too obvious, many are surprised at just how many unnecessary files are left over from unused games, software, and multimedia data. If you do not want to delete some of it, try moving it to an external hard drive to free up your computer. A short cut to do it would be to clean your entire system with CCleaner.


It is possible that your computer is not up to the task of keeping up with all the software and gadgets you currently have on your computer. This is a common problem as the computers improve from year to year, and so do too, the entertainment and security software that is loaded onto it. Many items like AVG security measures and current game releases require much more RAM than older computers have the capacity to provide. RAM is your active memory that is used to run a program. If the need exceeds the present RAM amount, your computer will often slow to a crawl or freeze up completely. You can purchase RAM for your computer at any major computer store. Make sure to check with a professional on whether the RAM size and type is right for your PC before attempting to install it.

Antivirus Software

Like spyware, malicious viruses could be the reason your computer has slowed down. Viruses can do an extensive amount of damage in many different ways. They are usually more damaging than spyware and cannot always be found by spyware software. Using an antivirus software could instantly speed up your computer or stop crashes and freezes instantly.

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  • Debbie Bills

    Great tips here Jesslyn for spending up computers. I am lucky in the fact that my hubby does most of the keeping my PC running smooth. The defrag is a big on. If it needs this, you better get to it. This i have learned to do. I try to do it once a week. thanks for the other tips, they are all very important, and also with these tips it will help a persons website run better to., Thanks and blessings to you, Debbie

  • Hack My Modern Lifestyle

    Hi Debbie,

    I find defragment and absolute headache too. So doing once a week of defragment is absolutely necessary. Maybe you should really try using ccleaner to clear your browser cookies and all the unnecessary temporary files. It can really give a huge boost to your PC performance. Thank you so much for visiting my website and leaving a valuable comment! Drop by again =)