How can i use facebook to increase my popularity

How Can I Use Facebook to Increase My Popularity

In this age, Facebook has become the dominant networking tool for business and personal endeavors. Raising your popularity through Facebook can take a little creativity, but when done properly, you can raise your popularity to great heights. So how can you do it? Well, it takes a few rather simple steps. Remember that gaining popularity can take a little time. If you follow the steps and keep to the strategies, you will surely raise your popularity.

Status Updates

If you want to be popular on Facebook, the first thing you have to do is be someone worth following. No one is interested in following or keeping track of a boring individual. Update your status every day. If at all possible, update it a few times a day. But, it is not just about updating constantly – it is also about what you have to say as to have somedrawn to it. If you are updating with boring information, people are likely to “hide” your status updates and stop following you. Raising your popularity means being interesting enough to be popular in the first place. If you do not have anything worth talking about, then update your status with witty comments or interesting insights.

Upload Pictures

Along with your updates, you can upload pictures. Try to take pictures of the things you are doing or seeing. You can link your status updates with photos. Avoid the pitfall of taking pictures of the food you are eating every single meal. Nobody is interested in seeing every single meal that you decide to eat. Likewise, do not take pictures of the same things over and over again. Instead, have new activities or interesting things to take pictures of every time you update. Again, if you do not have interesting things to take pictures of, then perhaps a funny Meme or picture you found on the internet can suffice. Again, do not overdo these as it becomes obnoxious.

Join Networks

Whether they are business networks or social networks within Facebook, join them. Try to join networks that actually pertain to you. Specific types of work or social groups that you would partake in are the best options. However, even if you do not have an immediate interest or use, you can still join the networks for the purpose of finding new people to connect with. You never know what type of people may have other similar interests as you do. By being able to find others with common interests in your sub-networks, you can gain more and more fans of your general Facebook status updates and picture updates.

“Like” Often

Just like social networking, you should try and “like” as many things as possible. This “like” function allows you to connect with others that you may not have connected with otherwise. More importantly, other people may have common “likes” as you, and wish to find out more about you. They may then begin subscribing to your wall posts and updates on a regular basis. When this happens, their friends and acquaintances also have an opportunity to view and “like” your status updates and wall posts as well. It is a social domino effect that may help you gain the popularity that you are looking for.

Comment and “Like” Other’s Wall Posts

You should try and be a positive onlooker to other member’s updates, wall posts, pictures, and general comments as often as possible. By being a positive force in the Facebook community, you will entice others to see who you are and what you are up to. This is a sort of “Share and share alike” mentality that can bring you a multitude of new friends, acquaintances, and followers that will skyrocket your popularity. Think of it this way: The more than you decide to “like” comments and be an active force in the community, the more opportunity others have to discover you. If you are updating often and have interesting or fun things to say, you are more likely to get your own followers. It is simple social mathematics. More activity means more chances to up your social stock. On the other hand, posting less means less chance of gaining friends and followers.

By following these simple steps, you should be able to gain popularity. Remember that these steps do not guarantee automatic popularity. You have to work at being someone worth following. Whether it is your consistent traveling or your interesting hobby, you have to stay relevant and interesting. If you fail to do this, you certainly will not have as many followers as you could have. But even if you struggle to gain followers at first, just keep cultivating a niche worth following. As your network builds over time, you will eventually find the right group of people that will support your rise in popularity.
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