The Ultimate Guide to Natural Leather Care

From leather bags and handbags to purses, we want you to appreciate your natural leather items for a lifetime. From the moment they’re crafted as well as till they arrive in your arms, they need to be looked after effectively.

With our useful guide, your most valued pieces will look stunning for several years to find. Below you’ll discover every little thing there is to learn about natural leather treatment.


By taking time to look after your natural leather, you will certainly promote the value and maintain the look of your most cherished items.


Taking care of your leather products begins with day-to-day care. By following just a couple of straightforward guidelines, you can stay clear of unnecessary wear and tear as well as prolong the life of your devices for years:

Natural leather is a skin, and it can extend. Stay clear of overfilling your handbag, bag or wallet to keep its initial silhouette. Take additional care with leather things you utilize usually. Put in the time weekly to clean away dirt as well as spots with a soft towel or brush.

Scrapes can interfere with a faultlessly crafted piece. Take care to prevent contact with heavily embellished clothing, sharp surface areas or chunky jewellery when you’re out as well as around. Wet natural leather requires added treatment, so if rainfall is forecast, remember to take an umbrella.
Remember to air your leather products out periodically to remove any type of unwanted scents and also fragrances


Saving your leather appropriately is among the most convenient ways you can avoid damage and maintain a premium finish:
  • Shop leather far from direct sunlight as this can create fading
  • Store bags in a dust bag to avoid scrapes
  • Avoid making use of plastic bags, they prevent great ventilation
  • Shop leather away from artificial resources of warmth. e. radiators can trigger natural leather to completely dry as well as crack


Day-to-day treatment as well as thoughtful storage will certainly go a long way in preserving the life of your much-loved leather accessories. Nonetheless specific products might need various care techniques.


Although it’s tempting to leave our handbags loaded with our daily basics ready for the following day, rather take the time to empty them entirely to avoid warping. As soon as vacant, you can preserve the bag’s shape by carefully filling it with level, acid-free tissue paper.

If you are planning to leave your bag in storage space for an extensive period – until next season, as an example – you might likewise such as to put in the time to cover equipment such as zips and also clasps in cells paper to prevent them developing any kind of undesirable imprints on your leather.

The next stage is to cover your bag, ideally in the dirt bag in which it arrived with – these are cut to the right size to stay clear of squashing as well as bending. If you no more have the initial dirt bag, a white cotton pillowcase can be a suitable substitute. (Tinted materials might transfer onto the surface of the leather.).

When covered, position your protected handbag away from direct sunshine and artificial sources of heat. Make certain to stand it on its base as opposed to hanging it up can stretch the takes care of. Additionally, make sure to pick a place that is high enough to allow the takes care of to stand unblocked. Doing otherwise can trigger them to end up being curved or irregular.


Handbags can be found in a selection of sizes and shapes to suit your demands. Select a design that fits your demands and reduces the danger of extending the leather by not overfilling its numerous pockets, compartments and also card ports.

When bring your handbag in a purse, you can prevent scratches and also imprints just by saving your bag in a separate compartment or a marked zip pocket in the lining. It’s excellent technique to carefully clean or comb your purse routinely to get rid of the day-to-day build up of dust as well as dust which can build up.

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