What ‘must have’ items are missing from your Handbag?


What ‘must have’ items are missing from your Handbag?

Handbag Essentials

  • Germs? No thank you: Think about that door knob you just touched or that shopping basket you just picked up. What nasties are hiding on there?? In our busy world we just can’t afford to get sick. A little bottle of hand sanitizer is always handy kept in your handbag (τσάντες).

  • A stitch in time: How many times have you been caught out with a missing button or a hem that has let go. A small sewing kit can save the day.

  • Hairy Issues: Surprise lunch date? Business meeting just popped up? Having basic hair items such as a small hairbrush/comb, hair ties or even bobby pins can help spruce up your ‘do’.

  • Headaches- who needs ’em: A packet of paracetamol can come to the rescue. Whilst you are at it, throw in a few throat lozenges for good measure.

  • Let there be light: Never be caught out in the dark again. A small LED torch is a handy item to have, especially for trying to find that pesky keyhole after a late night.

  • Safety First: You can never be too cautious when walking home or to the car. A personal alarm can help alert people that you need help and scare of any ‘would be’ trouble makers.

  • A little bit of vanity: A Compact Mirror at your fingertips is always handy when you need to ‘check your face or hair ‘on the go’.

  • Keep it fresh: What did you have for your lunch? No one else needs to know. Breath mints or gum are a great idea.

  • A Sneaky 20: Some places are still ‘cash only’ (often the chocolate shop or coffee kiosk). An emergency stash and even some gold coins in a coin purse are handy for vending machines or the parking meter.

  • A squirt of fragrance: A small bottle of perfume comes in handy when you least expect it. Keep it handy.

  • Bless You: A pack of tissues…. ALWAYS come in handy.

  • Notebook and pen: Yep, a bit ‘old skool’ but handy for leaving a note, handing out your number or making a quick list.

  • A small zipped bag for your make-up: Keep that ‘just got to work look’ or perhaps to change to ‘party mode’ after work. Keep your make up in its own case to ensure it doesn’t make a mess through your handbag.

  • Nail file: Bored at work? Need to fix your nails? Most people break a least one finger nail a week. Be prepared.

The list of Must-have items in your handbag (τσάντες) is endless and mostly depends of the type of woman your are! Every woman’s handbag carries her own secret most necessary items!

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