Fact-Checking Policy

Fact-Checking and Correction Policy

At The hackmymodernlifestyle, our unwavering commitment is to provide our readers with accurate and reliable information across all our content. We take a comprehensive approach to ensure the highest level of accuracy, maintain transparency and maintain trust with our audiences. Here is our policy in detail:

Commitment to reasonable accuracy:

hackmymodernlifestyle is dedicated to achieving reasonable accuracy in all its publications. The word ‘due’ means that the accuracy should be both adequate and appropriate to the specific material, taking into account the subject matter and nature. We openly acknowledge any obstacles that may affect this expectation.

Complete sourcing and verification:

We ensure that all our content, by its nature, is well sourced and based on available evidence. Claims and information are verified to reduce the risk of inaccuracies. We are candid about what we don’t know, avoiding unfounded speculation.

No plagiarism or deliberate distortion:

Our journalists are committed to ethical reporting. They do not engage in plagiarism, nor do they intentionally distort facts or context, including visual information.

Independent Verification:

We seek independent verification from multiple sources, especially for claims, information or allegations made by public officials or people with agendas beyond pure truth-telling. Any material that cannot be confirmed is attributed as such.

Accountability for Errors:

hackmymodernlifestyle stands by the accuracy of the information it publishes. If any published information proves to be incorrect, we immediately correct it. We do not knowingly mislead our audiences, distort facts, or present invented content as fact. We acknowledge and correct serious factual errors clearly and appropriately.

Multi-level fact-checking:

The primary responsibility of our journalists is to report, write and fact-check stories. All stories are reviewed by one or more editors. The level of seniority of editors who review a story before publication varies depending on factors such as complexity, sensitivity, and time constraints.

Reform Policies:

Although we constantly strive for excellence and accuracy, we recognize that errors may occasionally occur. When errors are identified, we take responsibility for correcting them and maintain a high level of transparency to ensure that inaccurate information is not disseminated. What each party needs to do to achieve accuracy, transparency and excellence:

For readers:

If any reader notices an error, they should contact us via email at support@ hackmymodernlifestyle.com with the subject line “Needs Correction”. Corrections should include the following information:

  1. self improvement
  2. Issue date or number
  3. Where was the error found (print, online, etc.)
  4. Reader’s Name
  5. A phone number or email address to contact
  6. Correct information and its source, if applicable (for example, meeting minutes for improvements related to Student Senate vote tallying).
    Readers can expect a response from our editor and may be contacted further if clarification is required or further information is required. Please note that submitting a fix request guarantees investigation but does not necessarily guarantee a fix will be issued.

For news platform:

Once an editor becomes aware of an error, they will investigate it using information provided by the reader, including meeting minutes, the reporter’s recordings, and any available sources of information.

If an error is confirmed, the editor will issue a correction to all forms in which incorrect information was transmitted:

Print: Corrections will be published on page 2A in the next issue, specifying the problem, the article, the misinformation, and the correction.

hackmymodernlifestyle.com: The article will be corrected, and an editor’s note will be added below the article explaining what was incorrect and when the article was amended.

At The Hackmymodernlifestyle, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of accuracy, accountability and transparency, and we appreciate the active participation of our readers in upholding these principles.